Where to Find a Notary

Many times in the course of dealing with financial and real estate transactions you will have to get a document notarized. Oftentimes, people don’t know even the first steps to take in order to complete this process. Despite the prevalence of notarization in these transactions, notary procedures are far from common knowledge.

So what does a notary do? A notary serves as an unbiased witness to signed agreements to protect both parties involved in the transaction against fraud.┬áIf you’re found in a situation where you need to get a document notarized, here are some places you can look to find a trustworthy notary.

1. First, if you are dealing with a real estate office or law firm you are dealing with to see if they have a notary on staff. Oftentimes these types of agencies will employ someone certified as a notary public because they have to have documents notarized so frequently in their line of business.

2. Ask your local bank if they have a notary on staff. Most large financial institutions will employ a notary public for the same reasons: lots of financial and mortgage interactions require the notarization of important documents and agreements.

3. If none of the involved parties have a readily available notary, or if you want the convenience of a notary to come to you, consider finding a mobile notary public. While many people become a notary to get ahead in the law, real estate, or banking industries, many do it to supplement working from home. These mobile notary publics will travel to you to notarize your document, and often advertise their services online.

4. Check with the local post office or city hall to see if they have any staff members certified as a notary public. Oftentimes governmental offices will have someone on hand for notary purposes.

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