When Should You Get Married? (A Financial Perspective)

Setting the date is often the first major decision that an engaged couple has to make, and there is a lot of pressure riding on it. Of course there are many considerations when deciding when to get married- no one wants to have a beach wedding in January, or a destination wedding to Mexico during a college spring break. Many couples forget to consider another important factor when deciding on a wedding date: the financial implications.

Picking the Right Month

Fluctuations in wedding prices are all about supply and demand. Even if you aren’t looking at outdoor venues for your ceremony or reception, chances are that demand is highest when the weather is most pleasant. May, June, and September are always popular months for weddings, and you’ll see higher prices as well as more difficulty booking services because of this.

Remember too that you aren’t just competing with other weddings. December may not seem like a popular month to get married, but with many holiday parties booking reception venues, catering services, and more, you won’t see the price decrease that you might expect.

Picking the Right Day

Almost all weddings take place on Saturdays, leaving wedding services idle for most of the week. That means that you can often nab great prices by booking a weekday wedding. Many couples are wary to do this because they don’t want to inconvenience their guests, but if you have a lot of out-of-town relatives coming in, you can actually pass the savings onto them too. Airfare prices and hotel lodging is far less expensive during the week, so if you are planning a destination wedding or have many guests traveling, the inconvenience may be worth the savings. Plus, you and your new hubby or wife can enjoy reduced airfare when you leave for your honeymoon, too!

Picking the Right Time

Feeding your guests at the reception eats up a ton of your wedding budget. If you’re crafty and creative with the timing of your wedding though, guests won’t expect a full meal afterward and you will save a boatload. Plus, scheduling your wedding at an “off time” can save on the venue rental, catering costs, and more. Here are a few ideas:

Picking the Right Date FOR YOU

Sure you can save money by following the tips above, but ultimately the wedding is about you and your love. If you want to get married on a Saturday at 6pm with perfect weather, then don’t sacrifice your dream to save a few bucks. Follow wedding savings tips to build up your wedding budget, and that way everything can be just as you imagined.

About the Author: Thanks to Amanda Tanner for submitting this post. Mandy is a wedding photographer who has shot destination weddings around the globe. She works now as a wedding consultant for many of America’s top venues, including the Mill Rose Inn in Half Moon Bay CA.

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