What You Need To Know About Ford ESP

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Many car buyers fail to understand the very clear distinction between a service contract and a warranty. The Ford Extended Service Plan is a service contract, not a warranty. So what’s the difference?

A service agreement(or service plan or service contract if you will) is simply an agreement with a third party to pay for certain repairs covered in a contract. A warranty, on the other hand, provides a guarantee that the vehicle does not have defects in materials or workmanship. That’s an important distinction. The Ford ESP plan, like many other service contracts, has a limited set of the types of parts and repairs covered within their contract. A manufacturer’s warranty, however, guarantees a much broader range of elements on the car for the duration of that warranty.

So, first and foremost, you need to know what your ESP plan covers. Like most aftermarket service plans, the ESP plan comes in a variety of coverage packages. At the high end, the PremiumCARE plan covers the broadest number of parts. Ford also will allow you some customization of this plan, which you can find the details of here.

Ford offers three other coverage levels with ExtraCARE BaseCARE and PowertrainCARE. It’s important to thoroughly read through all of the covered parts under each plan you’re considering so there are no surprises down the road. Depending on the value and cost to repair your vehicle, you’ll want to weigh your options carefully when deciding on an ESP plan.

It can help to do some online research or even talk to a mechanic to learn more about specific repairs on your model. If you’ve chosen a low cost car that you just want to keep on the road, the PowertrainCARE plan might be a great fit and a good bargain if you have specific powertrain issue and are less concerned about cosmetic issues or electrical issues that would be covered under a more premium package.

The final thing to take note of before getting a service contract is to make sure you’re keeping maintenance records. Many service contract providers deny claims when the owner is unable to prove that they have kept up standard maintenance. If you don’t recorded basic maintenance for your car, it may come back to bite you.

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