What to Look For in a Family Vacation Rental

When you’re looking for a family vacation rental online, the choices and the options can be overwhelming. After deciding where you and your family will travel for your vacation, the next step is to determine what options you would like for your home away from home – both the essential features as well as the wish list features. With both lists in mind, you can narrow down your options. For most families, there are three main considerations when it comes to picking a family vacation rental.

When it comes to real estate, location is king and the better the location, the higher the demand. If you are planning on traveling to a waterfront area such as a beach or a lake, expect to pay a premium price to have beachfront or lakefront access. Another consideration for location is the level of activity within the neighborhood where the vacation rental is situated. Questions to consider include how busy or how quiet is the neighborhood? Is the vacation rental located within walking distance to area attractions or to shopping or restaurants?

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Deciding how many bedrooms and bathrooms you require in a family vacation rental is another key factor to consider. If you have a number of children traveling with your family, consider having children share rooms based on gender to lower the total number of bedrooms required. The number of bathrooms in the vacation rental is also an important consideration depending upon your family size. One key point to remember is that a vacation rental is a short term situation; while fewer bedrooms and bathrooms might be challenging on an everyday basis, it might be not only more budget-friendly, but also bearable and adventurous for the duration of your family vacation.

Bonus Extras

When traveling with your family, it’s always nice to have a few bonus features in your vacation rental. A theater room or a game room in the rental might be just the needed diversion on a rainy vacation day. Having a washer and dryer in the vacation rental could be a huge bonus for families with young children. Even simple items like an outdoor grill, or a fire pit, or a wagon filled with beach toys and chairs are great extras to find in a family vacation rental.

No matter what vacation rental you decide is best for your family, always contact the owner with any questions and check the deposit, refund, and cancellation policy before booking. With smart planning, you can book a family vacation rental where everyone in your family can relax, have fun, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

This post is a guest contribution provided by Jersey Cape Realty, a real estate company in Cape May, NJ.

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