Vacation Rental FAQs

Let’s face it, we all love vacations but they really can be stressful and expensive to plan. Take the stress out of vacation planning by renting a vacation home. Some people are skeptical about staying in someone else’s home versus a hotel. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about vacation homes.

What is a vacation rental?

Vacation rentals are furnished homes, condos, apartments or guest houses that are either professionally owned and managed by a management company or privately owned and rented by the person who owns the property. They are an alternative to staying in a hotel or similar accommodation in popular vacation destinations. These rentals are for short-term occupancy and are perfect for vacations.

How do I find a vacation rental?

By simply doing an internet search for your vacation rentals in your vacation destination, several booking sites will pop up. You can also go through a trusted management company, like Fort Lauderdale Stays, to find a vacation rental that fits your needs. It doesn’t hurt to ask friends or relatives where they’ve stayed in the past.

What amenities are included with vacation rentals?

Keep in mind vacation rentals aren’t hotels, they’re better. Your vacation rental should have all the necessities for a comfortable stay including bedding, towels, pillows, internet and basic kitchen supplies. Depending on the rental, some come with amenities like TVs, several bedrooms, hot tubs, decks and full kitchens. Keep in contact with your rental agency or the owner to ask what’s included before you stay.

How do I know a vacation rental is legitimate?

Avoid listings that say “for sale by owner” that don’t look legitimate. You should typically go through a trusted management company with good reviews. If you know someone who lives in the area you’re visiting, have them do a walk-through of the property. You can also do an internet search of the property or management company and read other traveler reviews.

Are vacation rentals actually cheaper than hotels?

Yes. If you rent a whole vacation rental and invite friends or family, the split cost is a lot cheaper than a cramped hotel room and it’s more fun. Most vacation rentals include a kitchen so you avoid overpaying for expensive restaurant meals. There’s usually in-home entertainment like pools and hot tubs that allow you to save money on expensive attractions.

Can I bring my kids or my pet?

You can definitely bring kids. Kids love being able to have their own room and sometimes a yard to play in. As for pets, it depends on where you’re booking from. Some vacation rental companies have specific properties that are pet-friendly and some don’t. It would be wise to do an internet search on pet-friendly vacation rentals if you’re planning on bringing your pet.

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