Unexpected Costs During Your Early College Years

Congrats, you’re about to graduate from high school! It’s an exciting time as you prepare to take the next step in your life (and get away from your parentals). The next few months will be a busy time as you plan how you will set up your new dorm or apartment. But don’t forget to set aside some of the money from your open house or summer job for the unexpected costs that pop up the first few years of college. Here are a few to consider:

Food and Beverages (Alcohol)

Yes, you paid for that dorm package, but guess what, that dorm food is only satisfying for so long. You’ll order a sub or a late night pizza and it starts to add up. Don’t forget about the added delivery cost and tip, which increases your cost even more.

college-fundYou’re not 21, but that doesn’t mean you won’t drink. Alcohol can get pricey depending on how much you drink. You’ll likely need a chaser of some sort, which isn’t much the one time you buy it, but think about how much you’ll spend over the course of a month and year.

Going with food and beverages…

A Gym Membership

Everyone talks about the Freshman 15. If you want to avoid it, get a gym membership. Also, create a schedule for yourself to go to the gym, otherwise the membership will be a waste of money. A workout buddy can help you stay accountable and actually use your membership.

Parking Fees

Very few universities and colleges allow freshman to have cars on campus, but for the few that do, be careful about driving to campus. Parking meters are very cruel. A 50 minute class can cost over a $1 in parking. Not bad for one class, but when you have to go multiple times a week, it will start to add up. Walk to class when you can; it’s good exercise and saves you money!

Travel costsTravel

Traveling costs money. Even a mini weekend getaway to a nearby university for a football game will be costly. Between drinks and eating out all weekend, you’ll spend more than you think. Also, spring break trips aren’t cheap, no matter how many people you shove in a room. If you plan on going on a spring break trip, start saving now and pick up extra shifts at your job if you can.

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