Top Free Things To Do In Juneau, AK

Getting up to Alaska from the lower states can be a bit costly when it’s all said and done. Book your stay at an affordable accommodation, like Silverbow Inn, and spend the rest of your time in Juneau exploring the city’s outdoor activities and various free activities. Here are some of the best activities in Juneau that won’t cost a penny.

Alaskan Hiking Trails

Hiking enthusiasts will love the numerous trails found in the Juneau area. Trail maps can be found at the Juneau Convention and Visitor Center. Local trails range from easy trails everyone can enjoy to more difficult ones for the more experienced hiker. All of the trails will give you the opportunity to explore the many Alaskan terrains.

The Mendenhall Glacier

The Mendenhall Glacier is one of Juneau’s largest glaciers, and it has become one of the top destinations for tourists. Rangers are on hand to answer your questions, and a Fireside Lecture is offered each week at the visitor’s center. Here you can learn about local wildlife as well as the area’s native history.

First Fridays

The first Friday of each month is a busy day in the city of Juneau. Several of the area galleries open their doors to invite guests in for an evening of arts and entertainment during First Fridays. It is an excellent way to explore the local art scene while enjoying an evening out.

State Office Building Concerts

Before enjoying First Fridays you can come to the State Building at noon to hear the building’s Kimball pipe organ play. This organ has been providing encore worthy performances since 1929.

Guided Tours of the Alaska State Capital Building

Juneau is Alaska’s state capital, and you can take a guided tour through the state capital building to learn a little more about the area’s political history. Tours are offered from May through mid-September each year.

Downtown Walking Tour

Visitors can take a self-guided walking tour of the downtown area. Maps are available at several locations such as the airport, visitor information centers, and cruise ship terminals. The walk includes attractions like a reproduction of the Liberty Bell and the “Windfall.” You can also catch a glimpse of the gold mining days among the older bars on South Franklin. You’ll even see the Evergreen Cemetery, the governor’s house, and many local shops.

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