Tips for Planning an Affordable Vacation

In the dead of winter, nothing seems like a better idea than going on vacation to a warm, sunny, and tropical destination! While the thought of the vacation is great, a lot of people shy away from actually going due to their bank account. If you fall into this category, then check out these tips for planning an affordable vacation:

Know your budget

In order to plan your vacation, you need to know how much you are willing to spend. If you know this figure off-the-bat then you will plan a realistic vacation instead of planning your dream vacation only to realize you can’t afford it. The budget should include money for hotel or lodging, transportation, food, and activities, as well as emergency funds.

Plan in advance

Planning in advance has many perks! For those travelers that will by flying, you can usually find decent prices on tickets by booking them early on. Also, by planning your trip in advance, the hotel that is best for your budget should have plenty of rooms available. When booking your flight and hotel early, look at bundling options that could save some cash too.

Avoid the busy season

If possible, consider planning your vacation during the off-season such as winter and early spring. Avoid traveling during peak times such as holidays and prime family vacation periods like spring break. Additionally, keep in mind popular festivals or events that occur in your vacation destination to avoid steep hotel and transportation prices. For example, the price of hotel rooms in New Orleans skyrocket around Mardi Gras making them unfriendly for your budget.

Save on food

Vacation usually equates to eating out a lot, which can become very costly and cut into your budget big time. To prevent spending a lot of money on dining, book a hotel room with a fridge and microwave. Having a fridge will allow you to keep some food such as sandwich ingredients for lunch or store leftovers from a restaurant that can be warmed up in the microwave for a second meal. A condo with a full kitchen is another option for saving on food.

Find free attractions

When creating your budget, do some research on free attractions in the area. The free attractions may not be as thrilling as the major tourist attractions, but every city has them. Not only will you be saving money with the free attractions, you will also be avoiding the heavier crowds, which makes your vacation more relaxing!


About the Author: Kayla Dunmar is a guest contributor from America by Rail, a provider of escorted train vacations and trips throughout North America and Europe. View their offered rail vacation packages

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