Tips for an Affordable Graduation Party

Graduation parties are practially a tradition for both graduating high school students and college graduates. Families will easily spend thousands of dollars on a single party, and sometimes, guests even choose not to show up. After the expense of the graduation ceremony, the gown, the class ring and all the other hidden expenses, graduation parties almost seem like a burden. Well, they don’t have to be.

You can throw a graduation party and still afford all the other costs. Celebrating one’s graduation shouldn’t be a hassle, so we’ve narrowed down a few key tips that can help you afford any size graduation party.

Don’t Print Invitations
Go digital instead. You can send invites via Facebook or other social media outlets to family and friends. Mailed invites are a thing of the past and after all that pretty printing and color, the invites eventually end up in the trash anyway. Invitees can easily respond to Facebook with a yes or no and leave comments.

Use Your Home
If you can, host the party at your house. This will save on a huge expense of renting out a location for a couple hours. Sure, other venues may be nicer, but guests will also know where the party is if it takes place at your house. No hassle with mapping out the location or paying nasty rental fees.

If you can’t use your home, there are more affordable venues, like churches or parks that may also suit your party. These venues typically let you bring your own food, as well.

Caterer or Groceries?
Food is always the tricky part. You don’t want to spend on food when some of it may go to waste. Budget what works best for you. Some catering companies charge per person, while some grocery stores provide a cheap source of bulk items. It’s best to weigh your options first, and then decide what price you can take more. Either way, you want to be sure to feed your guests.

Start Stocking Up
No one ever said you can’t buy the non-perishables early. Stock up sooner to avoid a large cost all at once. When items go on sale, start stocking and putting it away for the party later. Or, if you’re at a last minute time crunch, a low-cost food item to consider is pizza (a cheap food that everyone loves).

Ask a Friend for Help
Teaming up is always the key to saving money. Friends may have coolers or dishware to spare, rather than having to go purchase all the items that will only have a one-time use. Or, ask a friend to help plan and budget with you. You can both make treats and have a good time doing it.

About the Author: Isabel is a guest contributor for The Perfect Card Box, a card holder for all of life’s celebrations, including your graduation! View the graduation card boxes here.

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