The World of Uses of Duct Tape

In an episode of the show MythBusters, the toughness and versatility of duct tape was put to a test. They used the sticky industrial tape as their one and only material to lift Jamie and a car, fix a boat, build a boat—and even build a cannon. You might not have a need for a duct-tape cannon or boat, but you would be surprised at the world of wonders a duct tape brings to the household. For quick and easy fixes that will save you money, duct tape is the way to go. Here are some tricks and tips that will make your good ol’ duct tape your new best friend.

Got new pants that are too long? Don’t run to the tailor just yet.

In case you just found out that your pants are too long and you need those pants right away, here’s an easy solution: duct tape. Fold the hem up and tape it up. It will last you the whole night and even through a couple of washings. If you’re also not sure how long you want your pants to be, tape them up first before actually trimming off the ends, which is the point of no return.

Use it for winterization.

Cold air seeps into the house through doors and windows. Seal the sides with duct tape to block the air. Use it on sliding doors that are rarely used. This way you won’t need to buy plastic insulation, which can be cumbersome to install. Duct tape will do. You’re welcome.

Going camping? Take duct tape with you.

Besides the usual food, water, and first aid that you bring with you to camping, don’t forget duct tape. In case of holes or rips in tents and air mattresses, cover them up with a duct tape. You can also use it to string up food out of bears’ reach. For picnics, tape the sides of the tablecloth to the picnic table, and you don’t have to worry about it blowing away.

Duct tape will warm your feet.

Sometimes thick socks just won’t do during the harsh winter season. Line up the bottom of the insides of your winter boots with duct tape to create a waterproof seal. The shiny silver will also reflect your body heat back onto your feet for the extra warmth.

Duct tape makes a great pool liner.

Pool liners are costly to repair and replace, but with duct tape, you can save a lot of your hard-earned money. Cover up the tear with duct tape and make sure it doesn’t peel off. Just a single piece of duct tape can usually last underwater for an entire summer; that’s how hardcore duct tape is!

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