The Best Ways to Save Money While on Vacation

Everyone shops around for the best airline tickets and hotel deals before leaving for vacation. However, many people don’t consider how they will save money once they are on vacation. You can continue to save money after finding the best ways to get there and stay there.
1. Skip the Toiletries

Taking these items with you is a waste of money in many ways. Hotels often have these items for free, and not packing them makes luggage lighter. They will also be waiting at home, extending the life of the items. Leaving them at home makes luggage lighter by a minimum, however, with the cost of luggage rising, every bit left at home counts.

2. Find an App

There are some apps that help you find discounts in your immediate area. Download these apps. For example, search for apps that help you identify “happy hours” in your vicinity, or lower cost family fun activities, such as mini golf. You’ll find money saving fun wherever you go.

3. Look for Daily Deals Before You Go

Searching sites such as Groupon in the city you’re traveling to is a great idea. You’ll get a feel for what there is to do there, and you’ll purchase fun activities for less than full price. Often, you can get deals on some out-of-the-way fun places, which means less lines and less crowds.

4. Use Public Transportation

Research this before you leave. Let go of the thought that you have to take taxis everywhere. Many cities offer bus lines or trains to move people around, especially from major airports within the city. Research shuttles offered by the airport as well, some of these are free.

5. Take Your Own GPS

If you’re driving, take a GPS with you. Many car companies will try to upsell a GPS system, and this is unnecessary, especially with the number of Smartphones already equipped with the software. You can save money to spend on other things by providing your own navigation system.

6. Visit Cultural Websites

Make sure to fully research the city which you will visit. Many museums, zoos, and other attractions offer free or discounted hours. Find out when this happens by visiting specific websites dedicated to the area or attraction. If the websites don’t offer information, call the location and ask.

7. Take Pictures, Not Souvenirs

Take plenty of pictures and leave the shot glasses on the shelf at the store. These are giant tourist traps and often come with increased prices. Pictures are cheaper and much more fun than a piece that you may never use again.

About the Author: Larry is a guest contributor from Gateways Inn & Restaurant, a wonderfully affordable Cape Cod Inn.

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