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Unexpected Costs During Your Early College Years

Congrats, you’re about to graduate from high school! It’s an exciting time as you prepare to take the next step in your life (and get away from your parentals). The next few months will be a busy time as you plan how you will set up your new dorm or apartment. But don’t forget to […]

How Businesses Can Save Money with LED Lighting

Every day, businesses are looking for new ways they can save money. Many businesses are also trying to turn to green technology. There’s a green technology that not only has a positive impact on the environment, but also saves money. It’s something we use every day: lights. LED lighting is an option that has become […]

Tips for an Affordable Graduation Party

Graduation parties are practially a tradition for both graduating high school students and college graduates. Families will easily spend thousands of dollars on a single party, and sometimes, guests even choose not to show up. After the expense of the graduation ceremony, the gown, the class ring and all the other hidden expenses, graduation parties almost […]

Should You Invest in a Fixer-Upper?

The beauty of fixer-uppers is not on how they look, but their great return of investment. Purchase a fixer-upper in a good neighborhood at below the market price, invest money in renovating it, and you end up at least doubling its value when it looks good as new again. But when something is too good […]

Tips for Retiring Before You’re 50

Retirement is freedom for many people. Freedom from getting chained in the small office cubicle. Freedom from the demands of managers and supervisors. Freedom from the despised term called “work”. But unless you were born with a couple of millions in your trust fund, you will have to wait—while working. The good news is you […]