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Picking the Right Flooring Based on Health

The environment plays an enormous role in our health and general well-being, but it’s not exclusive ┬áto what’s outside our front door. In fact, the layout of your own home can pose health risks or, at the least, cause a sense of discomfort. For example, pets, paint, and plants can trigger symptoms; think of all […]

Should You Invest in a Fixer-Upper?

The beauty of fixer-uppers is not on how they look, but their great return of investment. Purchase a fixer-upper in a good neighborhood at below the market price, invest money in renovating it, and you end up at least doubling its value when it looks good as new again. But when something is too good […]

Summer Saving Tips for Homeowners

The warm weather and vacation days makes the summer a thrilling time to be outside and escape. But home owners need to be continually reminded of ways they can save during the summer. So before you get the sunscreen out and car packed, check out these helpful homeowner tips to save money during the summer. […]

Easy Renovations that are a Good Investment for Home Sellers

It’s easy to consider investing into home renovations when you are planning to live in your home for the foreseeable future, but much harder to spend when you’re planning to move. When your home is about to go on the market though, a little bit of renovation can make a big difference in your selling […]