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How to Choose the Right Life Insurance for You

Life insurance is a way to ensure your loved ones are financially protected if you pass away. Insurance itself is often difficult to understand, but life insurance can be particularly hard to navigate. Our tips will help you choose the right life insurance for your needs. What kind of policy? Permanent life insurance is the […]

Tips for Having a Reasonably-Priced Wedding

A lot of brides throw out their wedding budget because they’ve found that achieving the budget is an unrealistic goal. That’s where so many brides and grooms go wrong in the planning process. It doesn’t seem possible, but it is. Achieving a reasonably-priced wedding without seeming too cheap is plausible, and in fact, much more […]

Millennials and Credit Cards

It has been found that the best time in life to get a credit card is during your college career, usually around graduation. This is the time your credit score really starts to matter for new life milestones, like getting a house or apartment. However, studies have found that many Millennials are doing credit cards […]

Why You Need Renter’s Insurance

Even if you’re just renting an apartment or a house, it is still for your best interests to get a renter’s insurance policy. Unfortunately, 60 percent of renters don’t have one, and it is alarming to note that 72 percent of renters below the age of 25 are without insurance. One of the popular reasons […]

Tips for Retiring Before You’re 50

Retirement is freedom for many people. Freedom from getting chained in the small office cubicle. Freedom from the demands of managers and supervisors. Freedom from the despised term called “work”. But unless you were born with a couple of millions in your trust fund, you will have to wait—while working. The good news is you […]

5 Ways to Save Money in College

College is a tricky time for many young adults, especially when it comes to finances, so plan ahead and be money-savvy. All that money you collected from friends and relatives at your high school graduation? Put it in a savings account! You’ll thank me when you’re a senior in college, struggling to get by on […]