Summer Saving Tips for Homeowners

The warm weather and vacation days makes the summer a thrilling time to be outside and escape. But home owners need to be continually reminded of ways they can save during the summer. So before you get the sunscreen out and car packed, check out these helpful homeowner tips to save money during the summer.

Air Conditioning:

Especially during high heat seasons, coolant billing is important to be wary of. In order to keep your energy bill down make sure your AC is on ONLY when necessary. This means shutting it off when the house is empty and just before you go to bed. Keeping an eye out on the temperature levels will help save on the bottom line of your monthly cooling bill.

Garden Recycling:

If you’re working on sprucing up your garden don’t forget to recycle. Whether its old newspapers, furniture, weeds, plants, or garden gnomes there is always an opportunity to reuse materials. Check out Pinterest for DIY projects to make your garden stands out without buying overpriced materials at a hardware store.

Pool Maintenance:

If you have a pool, remember to keep up maintenance and proper chemical balancing. If you don’t then you could have problems later in the summer that will cost your more time and money than taking the early proper steps. Call a local pool store like Paradise Pools for advice and updated pool accessories.

Double Check:

Make sure to double check different parts of your house for damage. After a long winter there could be damage to the roof or siding of a house. Also make sure that early summer rains aren’t flooding your basement or rotting wood. By double checking parts of your house you can catch any major issues before they get out of hand.

Hired Hands:

With summer comes yard work and if you don’t have kids this may require you to hire help. Remember that hiring a neighbor or handyman is cheaper than having a landscaping company do things like mowing lawns or landscaping. Not overpaying for a task that could be done by a neighbor is wasteful.

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