A School District is Vital in Choosing a Home

There’s a lot that goes into searching for a new home, especially in the home itself, but a major component of the home-buying process is location. It’s important to look for a new home in a location that is well-suited to your needs, and your family’s needs. Moving shouldn’t mean that you have to choose a school district that’s not suited for your child. It takes a lot of work to decide what’s best. Follow these tips to make the home search with a great school distrct a bit less stressful.

Do More Than Internet Research
That’s not to say you shouldn’t Google school district rankings. In fact, that’s exactly what you should do. State governement websites list their schools in percentile rankings based on test scores. This could be a good indication of whether or not a school focus on their students and learning. But dig a little deeper. Choosing the right school district for a child is a huge decision, and you don’t want moving to affect his or her learning.

So instead, call around. Tour the nearby schools. If you can’t, it’s still a good idea to call and inquire about the schools you’re considering sending your children to. Ask about the teachers, accomodations, and transportation. Most importantly, look beneath the “labels.” Simply because the school may be private does not mean it’s any better than a public school next door.

Inquire About Public School Choice
Some school districts know the importance of choice. Inquire about the school district’s public school option and whether or not they allow public school choice, regardless of location. While school transportation may be limited for a school that is 10 miles away versus one down the road, there are numerous reasons to look at all the school options within the district.

Follow Your Instincts
If a small school is the best choice because it’s in your neighborhood and it ranks high, go for it. If you have a bad feeling at all about the culture of the school, there’s probably a reason you’re second-guessing. Remember, you want your children to learn, enjoy themselves, and be involved.

About the Author: Paul is a guest contributor from CB-HB, a Lansing Real Estate company listing Lansing area homes for sale.

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