Reasons to Retire on St. John Island in the Us Virgin Islands

More Americans than ever seem to be planning to retire abroad. Thailand, Costa Rica and Ecuador seem to be pretty popular options. However, it’s not necessary to completely leave US territory to retire abroad.¬†When looking to retire outside the continental United States, one area of the world that should be on your radar is St. John, which is a part of the US Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. This island is US territory, which brings many benefits for those who are looking for a nice place to spend their golden years. Here are some reasons why you might want to consider St. John.

The Weather

There is the occasional tropical cyclone that hits the USVI, but these are not terribly common. Otherwise, the weather is great on St. John. The average high in the US Virgin Islands ranges from 85 in January to 90 in July. It doesn’t differ much throughout the year. The all-time low is 52, which would be a record-breaking January warm snap in some parts of the continental US. September through November tend to be the wettest months, and the average annual precipitation is around 40 inches of rain.

The Scenery

There are plenty of relaxing places to visit while in St. John. If you like tropical beaches, St. John has you covered. Two-thirds of the island is also made up of a national forest.

No Need to Give up English

As an official part of the US, there is no official language on any of the Virgin Islands. However, in keeping with the broader American culture, English is the primary language that’s spoken on St. John. This will allow you to get around quite easily if you decide upon the island for your retirement.

Moderate Cost of Living

In high-rent areas of New York and California, small apartments can run into costs of thousands of dollars each and every month. In St. John, the cost of a studio can start at $750, while a 2-bedroom apartment might set you back $1,200 or more. This is less than you might expect to spend on housing in much of the US. If you are looking to retire to St. John and are looking for St. John realty consider CimmaronStJohn. They can help you when looking for homes to buy in St. John and also offer a variety of house and villa rental options.

No Need for a Passport

Because you’re retiring on US soil, there’s no need to get a passport. A driver’s license from most states will be plenty to get you admitted to St. John.

It’s Not Crowded

The island is pretty small, coming in at less that 20 square miles. However, there are fewer than 4,200 people living on the island. Therefore, if you dislike massive crowds, St. John just might fit into what you’re looking for.

The US Virgin Islands are a great place for American retirees. St. Thomas is the more famous island of this US territory, but St. John is a gem that could be just what you need to enjoy your post-work life. For more information about St. John Island check out these common frequently asked questions.

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