New Year’s Resolutions for Businesses

While individuals are deciding whether to make their New Year’s resolution revolve around a gym membership for the upwards of 5 years in a row, your small business should be making resolutions of its own. If you are running a small business, it is crucial that you not only reflect on the year that you’ve had, but plan for the future ahead. Make some resolutions that can help your company immensely in the upcoming months so your reflection at the end of 2015 can be a positive one.

Promote Your Business 

In the midst of running a successful small business, it is easy to get caught up in the big picture and forget about the simple task of promoting your business. Try to push this task toward the top of your to-do list in order to attract new customers and keep building your customer base. To better promote your business more effectively, look to hire a marketing expert or just take the time to create a marketing plan to stick to for the new year. Promoting your business doesn’t have to be expensive. Utilize social media and local advertising such as flyers and posters to get your name out there.

Plan Weekly 

When running a small business, you always want to focus on the doing instead of the planning. Take time this coming year to plan your strategy. Put aside a small amount of time each week to plan and look over how the previous week’s plan played out. Did you achieve your weekly goals? If not, why not? Did you not stick to your plan or did they not work out as you had hoped? You can then make the necessary adjustments for the next week. Figuring out your issues weekly instead of yearly or quarterly can help you adjust and change to maximize your growth and profit.

Give Something Back

This year, take some time to make a difference in your community. Your small business relies on the strength and success of the community and its members, so be sure to give back to the place that has helped you become all you are today. Whether you personally serve on a committee, be a mentor, or donate time as a business, you will be making a difference in a community that has helped you grow. Give back and show your appreciation this year!

About the Author: Hannah is a guest contributor from LEAP based in Lansing, MI. LEAP is a company focused on helping businesses grow and expand with the necessary tools and support needed for a flourishing business.

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