Is Your Furnace Ready for Michigan Winter?

Michigan has cold winter weather, so you should make sure that your home’s furnace is ready. Furnaces have long life spans, but you must maintain the devices each autumn by having a tune-up. Below are some tips to help you make sure your furnace is running all winter long.


Check the filter
Keep a copy of a furnace’s manual so that you will understand how to open its cover to replace its filter. High-efficiency particulate air filters are the best way to remove pet dander, pollen and household dust from the air in your home, but you can also use an inexpensive filter.

Clean and Lubricate the Furnace
While the furnace’s cover is off, check the interior of the furnace to see if there are any problems. Make sure that the furnace power is off before you vacuum its components. If you understand how to lubricate a furnace’s components, then you can use oil on the moving mechanisms. Lubricating a furnace’s moving parts is complex, so calling a technician for this task is an excellent option.

Vacuum the Vents
Before turning on your home’s furnace, check the vents throughout your home. Verify that the vent’s covers aren’t closed, and make sure that the devices aren’t covered with rugs, furniture or draperies. Remove each vent cover to vacuum the air duct, or use a paper towel to wipe away debris.

Check the Moving Components and Thermostat
When you turn on the furnace, listen for any strange sounds that indicate there are damaged components. If a mechanism is squealing inside the furnace, then you should call a technician right away. However, when the furnace is operating quietly, you can use its thermostat to adjust the temperature inside your home. In some cases, the thermostat isn’t working correctly because the wires are defective, and this is another repair job for a technician.

Examine the Exterior Venting System 
If the furnace is working correctly, then check the vents in each room to determine if warm air is flowing through the ductwork. Next, go outside your home to see if the exhaust system on the rooftop has gas rising from it. When the gases aren’t escaping through the venting device, you should turn the furnace off immediately. It is possible for a home’s exterior venting system to have blockages from leaves or bird’s nests, and you must remove these items to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

If you have minimal experience tuning up a furnace or would rather call an expert, North Winds Heating & Cooling in Lansing, MI is one of the top furnace repair companies in the area.

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