How to Attract More Customers to Your Restaurant

Customers are at the heart of your culinary operations. They are the ones who dine on your cuisine, make suggestions for the menus and spread the word to their relatives and friends. When a decline in customers occurs, you need to implement strategies that will bring them back or generate new business right away.
Use Decorative Signage
While internet marketing is extremely popular right now, it’s not the only type of advertising that exists. Decorative signage helps to draw in attention from people who are walking down the block. If your restaurant is located near a major highway, opt for signage on the road to call in hungry drivers. Additionally, you can use this signage for branding efforts. Including your company logo and slogan helps to imprint the image of your business in the mind of customers.

Create Outdoor Seating
When the temperatures rise, you may find that some of your regular customers choose to venture elsewhere for their meals. A lack of outdoor seating at your establishment may act as a stumbling bock. Even when you don’t have a ton of space outside, you can still set up a few tables. Offering reservations for them makes the seating more desirable. The signage can serve a double purpose here. Putting up an awning helps you to attract customers and to provide outdoor seating when a light rain is falling or breeze is blowing.

Find Your Niche
You may think that the restaurant business is your niche, but you need to get more specific than that. You can advertise your restaurant as a cozy and romantic spot for a date night, a family friendly establishment that welcomes children of all ages or an excellent place for tourists to try out some local cuisine. Niche marketing will help you to attract a more specific group of people who have a defined need for your restaurant’s food.

Offer Specials
Even if you do not have the money to offer discounted meals one day per week to children or seniors, you can start off small. For example, during late night hours, you can offer a two-for-one deal on appetizers, and if your restaurant has a bar, begin offering happy hour at least a few days per week. Offering specials is a smart idea that can lead you to generate more revenue for even better discounts in the future.

All of these strategies can help you to build a more stable customer base.

About the Author: Samuel is a guest contributor fromĀ Gateways Inn & Restaurant, a beautiful bed and breakfast in Lenox, MA.

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