How Much Does A Chevy Extended Warranty Cost?


Purchasing an automobile requires a big commitment on the part of the buyer, as the purchase is almost always quite large. One of the most important things that an individual needs to remember when they purchase an automobile is to consider the costs of maintenance down the road. As the car gets older and accumulates mileage, it may become more expensive to maintain it and keep it in good shape. Moreover, this frequently happens while you are still making payments on the vehicle. Therefore, it is typically a wise idea to purchase an extended warranty plan in order to keep the car in good shape without costing you a fortune in the process.

If you’ve purchased a new Chevy you may be wondering how much it will cost to purchase an extended warranty plan with the vehicle. The cost of warranty plans typically depend on how comprehensive the plan is. These plans are usually offered with a variety of different options, allowing you to make the decision regarding how comprehensive you want the coverage to be. This also gives you more control over how much you want to spend on the extended warranty. It is important to know exactly what each warranty option covers so that you don’t wind up getting an unpleasant surprise if something breaks on your car.

Most extended warranty plans cost $35-$40 extra each month and the cost is added to your car payment. This cost is usually for a midlevel extended warranty plan which covers many of the most expensive systems on your Chevy, but not everything is covered. Typically, anything that is associated with the engine or the transmission is covered as part of the extended drivetrain warranty. In addition, certain parts of the vehicle’s electrical system and other parts vital to the operation of the car may be covered. This might include things such as the water pump or the air conditioner condenser. In some cases, even the paint is covered under a warranty such as this. However, there are still many things are not covered under a midlevel extended warranty. If you have problems with the radio, the speakers or some other on-board electronics you may find yourself paying for the cost of the repair out of your own pocket. Therefore, you might want to consider a more comprehensive extended warranty package if you want everything to be covered from bumper to bumper, as much as possible. The drawback to these types of plans is that they can be considerably more expensive than midlevel extended warranties. You may find yourself paying double what you would pay for a decent midlevel extended warranty, sometimes costing you close to an extra $100 a month.

The key when choosing which extended warranty plan to purchase for your Chevy is to decide which plan works best for you when the cost of the plan is taken into consideration with the amount of coverage that it provides. Make sure that you purchase a plan that gives you the added peace of mind necessary to know that major repairs are covered, at least to some degree. With some research, you can find an extended warranty that will fit your needs and your budget.

This guest post provided by Elaine Tremont, an internet writer and contributor at several automotive related websites including GMPP Direct Smith.

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