How Businesses Can Save Money with LED Lighting

Every day, businesses are looking for new ways they can save money. Many businesses are also trying to turn to green technology. There’s a green technology that not only has a positive impact on the environment, but also saves money. It’s something we use every day: lights. LED lighting is an option that has become increasingly popular for businesses as they solve some environmental issues associated with some traditional lighting, and as a result, requires less money.

Think to your electric bill. Most of your electric is likely due to burning bulbs on a daily basis. We leave lights on for 8-12 hours a day, especially at our workplace since a majority of Americans work a 9-5 job. Though LED lights cost more than other lighting methods (the price has been decreasing, however), the savings in energy and maintenance outweighs the initial cost to install.

Use Less Energy

Commercial buildings make up about one-fifth of the United State’s total energy consumption, which includes office spaces and educational facilities. Office buildings, according to DVIRC, use the most of this energy. The average office building uses about 1.4 billion BTU (British thermal units) a year. According to the EIA, about $1.51 per square foot is spent on energy in an office building and about $1.91 per square foot in a normal commercial building. With LED lights, they can decrease the energy usages significantly. LED lighting requires less energy usage. LEDs use less electricity, which means, businesses will see a decrease in their electric bills and overall energy usage. LED lights use 80-85% less energy compared to traditional lighting methods, like incandescent or halogen bulbs. They lost less energy to heat, and use more of it towards light, therefore the bulbs are also much cooler than others.


Data obtained from LED installations have been on the rise since 2008, while the initial cost of LEDs has decreased, also making installation much more desirable.

Requires No Maintenance

LEDs are maintenance-free. LEDs last longer than other bulb types, which means you will not have to replace them as frequently, thus lowering the cost of replacement bulbs, as well. They can last nearly 17 years if used only 8 hours a day or 10-13 if used 10 hours a day. LED lights also do not burn out completely like other bulbs. They work well in cold temperatures and are much more durable—so breakage is rare.

Energy Subsidies Available

There’s nothing wrong with going green. In fact, it’s encouraged now more than other—and monetary compensation is available to some who turn to greener practices. Governments, power suppliers, and private organizations sometimes offer grants or low interest loans to businesses that choose to decrease their energy consumption. It doesn’t hurt to see if you qualify for some sort of low interest loan if you have been working to reduce energy usage. LED lighting will contribute to a decline in your company’s energy consumption, which not only helps lower costs, but also benefits the environment.

About the Author: Kevin is a guest contributor from USAI Lighting, a provider of LED lighting and modern, sustainable lighting technology to replace traditional lighting sources with energy efficient solutions.

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