Free Credit Reports…Urgh…Huh?

Is there such a thing as a FREE Credit Report? Well…I guess so…kind of. claims that you can get a FREE report if you’re willing to wait a few days, but if you want it instantly you’ll have to pay $1. Not much, but still not FREE.

Nevertheless, what I contend in this article is that while the credit report information might be FREE, there is a price to pay for knowing because when you know better, you’re forced to do better. And doing better is not easy.

When you find out what’s on your credit report the work all of a sudden begins. If there are errors you must fix them. You may have to write to each creditor listed on your report. If there are things listed that are inaccurate, then you need to have them corrected, however, this will take time and it’s not FREE because time is money.

It is a tragedy to know that fewer than 25% of Americans know what’s on their credit report, so for someone to even move in the direction of KNOWING, that puts you in a different class. Sometimes it can be a very sobering experience because some people believe that they have a high credit score and are shocked when they discover that their score is a lot lower than what they thought. But all is not lost when your score is low, you just have to get on track to increasing your score. But what is your score? There are several places that you can go to find out other than FREE CREDIT like:


You can also go directly to the scoring companies, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. The only problem with going directly to the scoring companies is that it can be very pricey. But try to get them when they have sales which because of how competitive this business has become, they often will offer sales as well.

All of these companies must respect your privacy and they help to fight identity theft, which is a big plus. Nevertheless, the burden of knowing is big. You are charged with making it better once you know. And it can be done, it will just take some time.

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