Easy Renovations that are a Good Investment for Home Sellers

It’s easy to consider investing into home renovations when you are planning to live in your home for the foreseeable future, but much harder to spend when you’re planning to move. When your home is about to go on the market though, a little bit of renovation can make a big difference in your selling price. Here are some instances in which the investment is worth it, so you don’t waste your time and money on improvements you won’t even enjoy.

1. Refinishing hardwood flooring.

Floors aren’t generally looked at much when buyers tour the house, unless they are worn and in poor condition. Hardwood floors especially are often considered high maintenance, and scratches on yours will just confirm that suspicion. A weekend of refinishing and polishing floors can make a huge difference in the perception of your home.

2. Remove a wall.

Open spaces are key to selling homes, and if you’ve got small common areas, you may be in trouble. Consider removing a wall between the kitchen and dining room or kitchen and living room to create a larger common space.

3. Brighten up.

A clean kitchen and bathroom are key, and you can create the illusion of pristine rooms with a little extra brightness. Whether it’s repainting to make the rooms seem larger and fresher, or simply adding a bit more lighting to the room, this is an easy illusion to achieve.

4. Invest in landscaping.

The front yard makes a huge difference in how people see your home- first impressions are key, after all! Go beyond mowing your lawn by adding seasonal decorations, fresh flowers, lighting, and other accents that make your home look attractive from the curb.

5. Organize organize organize.

Realtors will tell you again and again, no one wants to see your stuff. If you’re not keen on moving everything to a storage unit, though, make sure your stuff is nicely compartmentalized. Closet organizers, drawer units, and other easy clutter-reducing methods will help prospective buyers to see themselves in your home.

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