Christmas Mailing Tips for Businesses

It’s about that time of year. The holidays are about to set in next week with Thanksgiving first, and then Christmas a short time after that. Whether you’re mailing Christmas mail as a business this year to your clients and customers or personally, it’s important to remember a few Christmas mailing rules to make a lasting impression with plenty of holiday spirit.

Quick Christmas mailing facts & tips for personal mail:

1. Don’t Do Digital

We might live in a digital age, but if you’re sending out personal Christmas cards this year–avoid emails and ecards. They are a thing of the past when it comes to personal mail. It’s nice to recieve a letter in the mail from a loved one, so make it count, and mail through USPS for once.

2. Remember All Your Family and Friends

Don’t seclude anyone this holiday season. It feels good to be remembered, and during the holiday season, that’s even more the case. It’s a special time of year, so don’t remember one friend, and then leave out another. Christmas is all about inclusion.

3. Use Mail Tracking

For personal mail, tracking is especially important. All mail carriers have tracking now (USPS Tracking), so take advantage. If something gets lost in the mail (and we hope that is never the case), you’ll know by tracking packages and cards.

Christmas mailing facts & tips for businesses:

1. Make Mail Personal

You might be sending mail out to a lengthy mailing list of people you don’t personally know, but you should always make your Christmas marketing personal and welcoming. If you are sending a physical card, write a personal message to your client(s), and let them know they matter this holiday season.

2. Keep Mail Energetic

It’s the holidays, which is something everyone is very excited about! Be energetic in your mailing lists and physical mail sent out. This will also help with your impact and make a lasting impression, showing that you as a business is excited for the holidays. You can even make a larger impact with your mail by including something awesome in the package or envelope–a special message, offer, or coupon.

3. Get Christmas cards in the mail by Dec. 10

A the very latest, send out your holiday cards by Dec. 10. This ensures enough time to get your mail out to the right people. Remember, mail marketing is all about timing–at least is a large component of it. If mail reaches a client or customer after January 1st, you’ve really lost the impact. Keep in mind that several companies are closed during the holidays, so if you are sending mail to an actual business, keep that in mind. The postal service is also extremely busy during this time of year, so have time on your side by mailing physical Christmas mail out by Dec. 10.

Remember to be genuine in your holiday mailing this year, and make sure time is on your side. Make that lasting impact and show your customers you care.

About the Author: Jamie is a guest contributor from Extend Your Reach, helping businesses with their integrated marketing solutions, including mailing, printing, and digital needs.

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