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Tips On Saving Money For A Vacation

Saving up for your dream vacation isn’t always easy. Saving for vacation can lead to cutting down on luxuries or putting in extra hours at work. It takes discipline, but in the long run, will be worth it when you’re relaxing for a week at the destination of your dreams. Here are some tips for […]

The Best Travel Credit Cards

According to a study done by American Express, the average family of four spends about $5,000 maximum on vacation. Travelling with credit cards is the best way to pay for traveling because of the deals, rewards, and points that you could earn. This can all be done simply by swiping your credit card or using […]

Millennials and Credit Cards

It has been found that the best time in life to get a credit card is during your college career, usually around graduation. This is the time your credit score really starts to matter for new life milestones, like getting a house or apartment. However, studies have found that many Millennials are doing credit cards […]

Why Business Credit Cards Matter

Business Credit Cards

Credit cards are not only widely utilized by individuals, but also by businesses. According to the National Small Business Association’s 2012 Year-End Economic Report, 31% of small businesses have used credit cards for their capital needs in the past year. It has become basic for businesses to use credit cards for their finances that credit […]

Save on Gas with a Credit Card

gas prices

All over the country, drivers are feeling the pains of high gas prices this summer. With a nationwide price averaging around $3.50, consumers are looking for ways to save while still remaining mobile for the summer months. One way to curb the financial impact of these high prices is to apply for a gasoline credit […]

Free Credit Reports…Urgh…Huh?

Is there such a thing as a FREE Credit Report? Well…I guess so…kind of. claims that you can get a FREE report if you’re willing to wait a few days, but if you want it instantly you’ll have to pay $1. Not much, but still not FREE. Nevertheless, what I contend in this article […]

Which Credit Card Features will Benefit you the Most?

If you were going to make a list of the Top 10 Credit Cards, what would you pick as qualifications? Would it be a great low interest rate? Or a nice, long 0 percent interest period for balance transfers? Maybe you’d rate cards by how high their credit lines were, or how little they charged […]

Credit Card Comparisons

There are various types of card services that banks and other financial organizations provide to their clients. These cards are the plastic cards with a magnetic strip. However, all of them differ by their functionality and characteristics. There are credit cards, charge cards and debit cards. Cards are a way to provide the client with problem-free, […]