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Why Does My Business Need a Tax Lawyer?

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For a small to medium-sized business, one of the most complex yet important aspects of running the day-to-operations involves taxes. Whether it’s knowing how and when to file tax returns or what to do if the IRS comes calling with questions, tax issues can be a potential disaster if mishandled. To ensure this does not […]

10 Benefits of Direct Mail Pieces

A direct mail piece you create should deliver a message and your offer to your direct mailing list. Typically, direct mail pieces will display a special offer. It should represent who you are and what your service or product does. Keep in mind that your direct mail piece should always reflect your brand. What are you […]

The Rules of Keeping Business Meetings Productive

Keeping conference meetings productive is difficult in today’s age. We’re already distracted by so many things: our phones, daily conversations, and normal business interruptions. Don’t get us wrong–there’s nothing wrong with a few chats, distractions, and a little fun during a meeting but staying on track is key to make sure you complete important business […]

How Businesses Can Save Money with LED Lighting

Every day, businesses are looking for new ways they can save money. Many businesses are also trying to turn to green technology. There’s a green technology that not only has a positive impact on the environment, but also saves money. It’s something we use every day: lights. LED lighting is an option that has become […]

Tips for Creating a Strategic Sales Plan

A strategic sales plan is important for any sales department. Without one, you risk damage to your sales, therefore your business. Successful sales management starts with a plan, as with all business tactics. Many people ask questions regarding what makes a successful sales plan. There are several key ideas to execute a plan to increase […]

Christmas Mailing Tips for Businesses

It’s about that time of year. The holidays are about to set in next week with Thanksgiving first, and then Christmas a short time after that. Whether you’re mailing Christmas mail as a business this year to your clients and customers or personally, it’s important to remember a few Christmas mailing rules to make a […]

How to Attract More Customers to Your Restaurant

Customers are at the heart of your culinary operations. They are the ones who dine on your cuisine, make suggestions for the menus and spread the word to their relatives and friends. When a decline in customers occurs, you need to implement strategies that will bring them back or generate new business right away.

5 Must-Have Features of Event Apps

Businesses and associations have been taking advantage of tech-driven events and conferences through the use of mobile event apps. Just download the app on the phone and the attendee can access all the resources with just a few swipes. Fast, easy, and interactive – no wonder more and more event planners have gone online.

New Year’s Resolutions for Businesses

While individuals are deciding whether to make their New Year’s resolution revolve around a gym membership for the upwards of 5 years in a row, your small business should be making resolutions of its own. If you are running a small business, it is crucial that you not only reflect on the year that you’ve […]

Small Town Advantages for Businesses

As a startup company, competing with established businesses in a large metropolitan area can be daunting and challenging. In a smaller town, businesses are able to better establish themselves and grow with more freedom than in a big city such as Chicago, New York, or Boston. Each business brings a unique component to their location […]