Buying a Vacation Home in Fort Morgan vs. Gulf Shores

When considering where to buy a vacation home you have to consider many things. What do you look for in a vacation home? Is the area eventful enough to return to? Do you want to be near a beach? Well, we are going to address these questions when talking about Fort Morgan and Gulf Shores. Both of these locations are in Alabama and have different things to offer. So where should you buy a vacation home: Fort Morgan or Gulf Shores? We will talk about each location and what they offer. You can compare our list to your needs and see which location is best for you.

Why Fort Morgan?

  • Family fun for everyone: This could be a negative or a positive depending on where you are in your life. However, if you are looking for a place that is fun for the kids and for you then you will love Fort Morgan.
  • Fishing and golf: There are amazing fishing opportunities available on the beach, as well as golf courses in town. It will be easy to convince your husband to buy a vacation home if there’s fishing and golfing involved.
  • The food: The food downtown is amazing. You will be able to find something for everyone. The best part of going out: no clean up
  • Nightlife: It isn’t all just family-fun. There is also an amazing nightlife for those who like to go out and adventure downtown.
  • The beach: The beautiful white sands and deep blue waters speak for themselves. Not to mention you can walk out of your vacation home, right onto the beach. Now that’s the dream.

Why Gulf Shores?

  • Seafood and Shellfish: Gulf Shores is home to fresh Royal Reds and oysters. Royal Reds are by far the meatiest, sweetest shrimp you can eat, and you can have it fresh here.
  • Birds: Gulf Shores is a bird watcher’s paradise with more than 370 species of birds for your enjoyment.
  • Beaches: Is it really a vacation home without a beach? Not really, these beaches stand out above the rest with the softest, whitest sand you’ll ever see.
  • Sea Turtles: Ever witnessed seas turtles hatch and make their journey to the sea? Well, the Gulf Shores beach is home to many sea turtles and their nests, so you may be able to witness the marvelous sight.
  • Southern Charm: The people are as sweet as the tea in Gulf Shores. You will never feel unsafe while on vacation here.

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