5 Affordable Bachelorette Party Ideas

It’s possible to have a fun with your girls before you get married, without spending a fortune. Vegas sounds great on paper, but after you gamble all your money it’s not so fun. Save money for your wedding and honeymoon while still having a great last hurrah. Here are some affordable bachelorette¬†party ideas to celebrate the bride’s upcoming marriage.

Spa day

Whether it’s at home or a Napa Valley spa hotel, a spa day is an affordable option to spend time with your girls. You can get a group massage package, facials, aromatherapy, or all three. The best part about a spa day is you can just relax and enjoy each others time. Maybe even with some wine.

A classic slumber party

Nothing is better than throwing it back to the teenage years when you and your friends were gathered in sleeping bags in the living room snacking and gossiping. Pick someone’s home to sleep at, rent or buy some cheap DVDs or watch Netflix movies, and buy some cheap drinks and snacks. Another alternative is to rent a hotel room and split the cost.

Winery tour

If there are several wineries in your area or you’re visiting Napa Valley, winery tours are a great activity for friends. Wine tastings are usually no more than $10 and the only other costs are for any food or wine that you purchase. End the tour with a trip to a local restaurant, or make a wine-paired meal at someone’s house. The beautiful vineyard views and sipping¬†wine with your friends will be the best part of the trip.


If the bride is an outdoors lover, camping is a fun bonding activity and the bride will love it. Pick a local campground, borrow tents from friends or buy inexpensive ones, and stock up on hot dogs and s’more supplies. Campsites are very affordable and sometimes have lake access to float on during the day or a pool.

Bar crawl

Grab your best friends and dress up in cute outfits for a night out on the town or travel to a nearby city with great nightlife. Have drinks at someone’s house before you leave and try to go out on a night when bars have a lot of specials or karaoke nights.

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