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5 Affordable Bachelorette Party Ideas

It’s possible to have a fun with your girls before you get married, without spending a fortune. Vegas sounds great on paper, but after you gamble all your money it’s not so fun. Save money for your wedding and honeymoon while still having a great last hurrah. Here are some affordable bachelorette¬†party ideas to celebrate […]

Top Free Things To Do In Juneau, AK

Getting up to Alaska from the lower states can be a bit costly when it’s all said and done. Book your stay at an affordable accommodation, like Silverbow Inn, and spend the rest of your time in Juneau exploring the city’s outdoor activities and various free activities. Here are some of the best activities in […]

Reasons to Move to Summerville, SC

Summerville, SC is a small town just outside of Charleston that attracts families looking to move to the Charleston area. Summerville is surrounded by beautiful pines and was first inhabited in the 1700s by Charleston natives looking to beat the summer heat. The village of Summerville became an official town in 1847. There are several […]