10 Benefits of Direct Mail Pieces

A direct mail piece you create should deliver a message and your offer to your direct mailing list. Typically, direct mail pieces will display a special offer. It should represent who you are and what your service or product does. Keep in mind that your direct mail piece should always reflect your brand. What are you selling? What is your goal? Reflect this with the direct mail. For example, if you’re selling something that’s of high-quality, be sure you reflect that with a high-quality direct mail piece.

There are many benefits to direct mail pieces and they can be very useful for your brand. Here are the benefits of creating a direct mail piece:

1. Direct mail can be personalized.

While your direct mailing campaign is targeted, you can also personalize each direct mail piece to reflect each customer. A personalized touch will speak more to your customers than direct mail that seems to be target to everyone at once.

2. Direct mail pieces are tangible.

Your customers or prospects receive direct mail right to their hands. Because of  this, they will be more willing to open your mail and read your message. The tangibility of direct mail also ensures reliability from your brand.

3. Tracking is simple.

Email marketing campaigns require analytics and more complex forms of tracking results, but with direct mail campaigns, tracking is easy. A company simply has to count the number of inquiries made or coupons from any mail piece.

4. It’s cost effective.

Believe it or not, direct mail campaigns can be fairly economical. There are many mass mail rates available that make mailing large quantities cheaper.

5. Direct mail helps you stand out.

So many brands have turned to email marketing campaigns, but we cannot forget about the effect direct mail has on customers. Direct mail does a lot more than a simple email message that may never be opened. Your customers can hold your direct mail piece. They ultimately establish a bond between you and your client, and therefore, you stand out as a brand.

6. Choose any format you desire.

Direct mailing allows flexibility in design and format. There are postcards, brochures, magazines and many other formats you can choose from.

7. Format is familiar to many of your customers.

Direct mail pieces will feel familiar to many of your customers. The postal service is one of the oldest public services and has developed a great track record.

8. Provide in-depth information.

With direct mail, you can provide in-depth information to your audience. For example, sales letters or brochures can provide detailed information about the produce or service.

9. It’s highly targeted.

Each direct mail campaign can be targeted to a specific audience or demographic. Maybe you want to target pre-existing customers or target new prospects. Either way, direct mail helps with targeting specific audiences because you can determine a demographic based on location.

10. Direct mail increase trust.

Sending out direct mail pieces increases trust for your customers. They begin to trust your brand and associate with it on a more person level.

Ultimately, it all comes down to the tangibility of direct mail and the personal touch. Direct mail pieces can influence your brand immensely and help grow relationships between you and your customers.

About the Author: Katie is a guest contributor from Extend Your Reach, providing print and direct mailing services.

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