Why Does My Business Need a Tax Lawyer?

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For a small to medium-sized business, one of the most complex yet important aspects of running the day-to-operations involves taxes. Whether it's knowing how and when to file tax returns or what to do if the IRS comes calling with questions, tax issues can be a potential disaster if mishandled. To ensure this does not happen, many businesses choose to hire a tax lawyer to assist them with these and other tasks. If you find yourself with more questions than answers when it comes to your business and its taxes, here are some important reasons to work with a tax lawyer.

Clarifying Income
Since business income can come in many forms, it’s important to know the income reporting responsibilities of your business. Since the IRS focuses on “gross income,” you’ll need an experienced lawyer to assess the goods, property, services, and income derived from sales in order to know what must be filed with your taxes. Otherwise, your business will be facing stiff fines, penalties, and interest added on to your tax bill.

Know Your Tax Year
While this may sound easy, it can actually be very confusing for many businesses to know their tax year. Even though all businesses have tax years, some are free to set their tax year, while others must adhere to the tax year required by the IRS. By working with a tax attorney, a business can choose the tax year that best suits its needs, or ensure it is complying with the IRS tax year.

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Benefits of Green Lodging: On the Environment and your Wallet


When you go on vacation you may not be thinking about how environmentally friendly your trip or your hotel will be, but it might be something to consider from now on. Green lodging can not only improve your carbon foot print, but it can also save you some money during your stay. Here we have some of the benefits, environmental and economic, for choosing a “Green” hotel on your next vacation. Read more »

Buying a Home in Midwestern United States

Real Estate Agent Handing Over the House Keys in Front of a Beautiful New Home.


The process of buying a home can be very complex. There are a lot of steps and rules to follow before you are able to live in your new home permanently. If you are planning to move to the Midwest here is a list of home buying steps, recommendations, and more to help make your process a bit easier.

Find an Agent

One of the most important steps is finding a trustworthy,   knowledgeable and dependable real estate agent to help you find the home you are looking for. They will be your advisor and help answer any questions you need to find your perfect home. They should also know the area and community you want to live in very well. Two reliable real estate companies throughout the Midwest are Coldwell Banker and Remax.


Determine a Price Range

As you work with your real estate agent they will want to know what your price range is when looking for a home. A beneficial thing to do at this time is get pre-approved for a mortgage, so they can access your financial situation and help determine the best price range for you. Your real estate agent can recommend a reputable lender or mortgage company to help you.

Find Your Home

Once you are pre-qualified for a mortgage it is time to find your dream home! At this time, you will want to express to your agent exactly what you are looking for with your new home, then it will be their job to bring you listings that associate to your needs and wants.

Appraise the Home

Once you find the home you want to buy, it is important to find how much the house is worth in comparison to the price the seller is asking. This is also important for your mortgage lender because they will want to know how much the house is worth before lending you money. Finding a trustworthy and quality home appraisal company is important because they will take a walk-through of the home looking to see what might add or detract value from the property. Midwest Appraisal Management is a knowledgeable and experienced appraisal management company that is found in many states throughout the Midwestern United States such as Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, South Carolina, and Florida.a6952

Making an Offer

Finally, it is time to make an offer on your dream home. Once you get your home appraised, qualified for mortgage, and have a down payment ready, you are able to submit your offer to your agent. Here you will submit your deposit, sign paperwork, and provide written documentation from your lender outlining your credit worthiness. Your agent will then send your offer to the listing agent, where the seller might accept, reject, or counteroffer.


Once you settle on an offer for the house and your mortgage is approved, the lender will send you a letter of commitment. A closing date and time will be set and you should begin finalizing your arrangements for homeowner’s insurance and other requirements for your house. At closing day, be sure to have necessary funds, photo id., and other documentations required by your real estate agent and lender. Congratulations on your new home!House-sold-sign-with-family-in-blurry-background_121655


What to Look For in a Family Vacation Rental


When you’re looking for a family vacation rental online, the choices and the options can be overwhelming. After deciding where you and your family will travel for your vacation, the next step is to determine what options you would like for your home away from home – both the essential features as well as the wish list features. With both lists in mind, you can narrow down your options. For most families, there are three main considerations when it comes to picking a family vacation rental. Read more »

Inexpensive Things To Do Near Durango, CO

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Let’s face it, you have to spend money to go on vacation. But, it is nice to vacation to an area that has free things to do, scenery to see, and tours to take. Durango, CO is the right place for that. Located in the beautiful state of Colorado, Durango has plenty of inexpensive things to do there. Check out these free and inexpensive things to do in Durango, CO below and try them out on your next visit.

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The Best Travel Credit Cards

Travel Credit Cards Picture

According to a study done by American Express, the average family of four spends about $5,000 maximum on vacation. Travelling with credit cards is the best way to pay for traveling because of the deals, rewards, and points that you could earn. This can all be done simply by swiping your credit card or using the chip reader. This article provides a list of the most recent top travel credit cards. Continue reading to figure out which credit card is best for your travel needs!

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Inexpensive Anniversary Ideas

Inexpensive Anniversary Ideas Picture

Married couples celebrate their anniversaries differently in their own way. There are some couples who strictly follow the traditional anniversary gifts to give each other every year, and other couples are fine with celebrating their anniversaries with a movie marathon. Celebrating anniversaries can get expensive depending on how the couple chooses to celebrate. Regardless of how different couples choose to celebrate their anniversaries each year, saving money is one thing to keep in mind. If you are looking for a way to celebrate your anniversary inexpensively while still enjoying your time with your husband or wife, here are some ideas on how to do so.

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Smart Ways to Save Money on Weddings

Close up of wedding cake figurines on stacks of coins

Having a wedding is one of the most unforgettable and expensive moments one can experience. It is a great time to celebrate the next step in life with your favorite people around you celebrating the moment with you. Weddings are a joy to have and to attend, but they can be very costly. Here are a few tips on saving money on weddings whether you are a part of the wedding party or on the guest list.

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Unexpected Costs During Your Early College Years

College Costs

Congrats, you’re about to graduate from high school! It’s an exciting time as you prepare to take the next step in your life (and get away from your parentals). The next few months will be a busy time as you plan how you will set up your new dorm or apartment. But don’t forget to set aside some of the money from your open house or summer job for the unexpected costs that pop up the first few years of college. Here are a few to consider:

Food and Beverages (Alcohol)

Yes, you paid for that dorm package, but guess what, that dorm food is only satisfying for so long. You’ll order a sub or a late night pizza and it starts to add up. Don’t forget about the added delivery cost and tip, which increases your cost even more.

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10 Benefits of Direct Mail Pieces


A direct mail piece you create should deliver a message and your offer to your direct mailing list. Typically, direct mail pieces will display a special offer. It should represent who you are and what your service or product does. Keep in mind that your direct mail piece should always reflect your brand. What are you selling? What is your goal? Reflect this with the direct mail. For example, if you’re selling something that’s of high-quality, be sure you reflect that with a high-quality direct mail piece. Read more »